Hi guys, I’m Thalia :) I love travelling, hot chocolate, photography, books and TV shows and just generally lazing around wasting my time x My blog is traversinq and I post vintage/vertical/nature/personal stuff. I’d love to make new friends and help out my followers so if you have any problems or just want someone to talk to, feel free to talk to me, I promise I’m nice ;)
What's your major in college?
– asked by Anonymous



you're in your last year now though! just gotta stick at it and do the best the you can and try space out your workload so its not as hard/stressful for you! try not to stress yourself out about it! you have plenty of time, dont worry, im great thanks :) x
– asked by alexandver

I hope so! thanks for the encouraging message it helps me to relax a lot when you guys send me nice stuff

hey! I love your blog <3 could you check out mine? :)
– asked by beaminqs

thanks ❤️

how did you chose your url?
– asked by disfucked

I’m not too sure I remember

Last country you visited?
– asked by pure-lion

Tenerife?? I think that counts


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so beautiful
aww that sucks :( college is stressful and tedious and can get you down but you have to stay positive and maybe do thing after which make you happy! im anonymous it doesn't matter how i am! what matters is that you feel okay! :)
– asked by Anonymous

yeah I don’t know if I wanna continue doing it but I don’t want to let my whole family down :( and of course it matters how you are I’m interested

how to flirt ft me
I have anxiety attacks too bc of school. I have to do so many stuff and I feel like I'm going insane ugh :(
– asked by xtemporarybliss

yeah I have so much work and it’s just scary cause this is my last year to make everything right

'Everyone’s fucked up. You’ve just gotta decide what kinda fucked up you’re into.'
— (via deadlyvibes)
how's it going!?
– asked by Anonymous

it’s going ok I’m very very stressed and depressed with college atm though I keep having anxiety attacks sigh but enough about me how are you???